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Stop sahayak system in Indian armed forces

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Roy Mathew a soldier of Indian Army in Nashik committed suicide after getting threatend by the senior officers for commmenting against the Sahayak system in a sting operation conducted by local news channel. Army blamed the media responsible for his death and kept on justifying the tradition of sahayak system. Every year thousands of aspirants join Indian Armed forces to serve the nation. They clear written  and physical tests of the highest order. Though the basic qualification is set as intermediate most of them complete graduation before joining service. After joining the service they are treated as second class citizens in the field as they get deployed as domestic labourers of senior officers

Its a disturbing truth that slavery still exists in some forms in the armed forces. Most talented youth end up their major portion of their service my serving senior officers in the name of patriotism. One who questions these systems will be labelled as ant national and soon issued visa to Pakistan. Our forces are still continuing the British era rules and customs where British people occupied higher posts and Indian jawans were treated as slaves. Many of the jawans at the earlier years in service are forced to become domestic labourers of the senior officers.

There is a need of change of the attitude. In such organisation where strict rank structure is followed jawans doesn't have voice. There is no right to dissent. Either you agree with the system or follow it forcefully. Its not surprising that jawans are revealing such ground realities through social media. It could have happened much earlier. When they found that their problems are not addressed in the systematic way, they find it as a last resort to publicly post in social media. Its the indication the such a decayed outdated system in the armed forces will bring no result in their living conditions or welfare organisations. How long can the officers can suppress the voice of the jawans by enacting such strict rules?
Should our soldiers still be afraid of British era Army act?

We need to rewrite such laws where soldiers are treated as untouchables. There are no healthy discussions going on about the peaceful co existence of soldiers and officers. Irrespective seniority, rank and service a jawan is always treated as an underdog even by the junior most officer. Other welfare schemes and facilities also goes in the same way. Soldiers are always sidelined from the mainstream of the forces. Nobody wants address their problems. Even the media, public, only see glamorous life of the officers. They never want to enquire about the cases of jawans which contribute the majority of the Army.

Do our jawans deserve much better treatment than this?
Who will address all these problems?

Why officers in the army never fight for the welfare of their jawans?Its difficult to give a clear answer. Either top level officials or the legislative need to interfere into such cases. But nobody cares. Those occupying the top levels may not opt for change in the system.

Why would they want to leave their comforts for the welfare of others?
Nobody at the top level want to improve the existing system. Those who are enjoying the fruits would never expect to do that.
Those really strive for change are the people at the ground level. But their voices never reaches up to the top level or even when reached they are ignored. At last some of them started complaining through social media as a last resort. They underwent either disciplinary action or named as mentally unstable and isolated. How long will they able to suppress the voice of jawans for better treatment and injustice ? Do we reserve a better system in army ? Should our jawans continue to be the slaves of superior officers under the label of patriotism?

 We need not require the British era customs in the armed forces. Those times only British people were used to become officers and Indians were recruited as soldiers treated as slaves and ended their life as domestic workers of senior officers. After gaining independence Indians also recruited as officers and the difference between officers and soldiers began to get narrower. But the officers want soldiers to be treated as slaves only. With same educational qualification one can become officer as well as soldier in Army. Then why some of them treated as second class citizens?  A considerable amount of our army's strength is wasted as domestic labourers. Can't we improve the condition of soldiers? Why our officers always want men in uniform who has same qualification and people earning getting government salary to serve them. Don't they get enough payment to pay for servants? Can't they even polish their shoes their own?

Its high time to raise voice against such colonial traditions for the better management of country's man power and keep our soldier's morale level up.

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