Stop Psuedo Feminism

Stop Psuedo Feminism

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What a word it is! Sarala devi Chaudhurani (early feminist and founder of Bharat Stree Mahamandal) had never been thought that her one idea would become so much popular in future that it can be misused so widely and her feminism will give birth ‘Pseudo-feminism'

Feminism is not in comparison, there is this misconception that people always get carried away to, comparing what men can do or are doing is not what feminism is, it is about women’s political, social, economical rights, their status in a society which is free from any discrimination on the basis of gender.

Women talks about their struggle on menstruating, pregnancy and marriage while they compare this with men that they have a easy way. They fight their say on such terms which is irrelevant and irrational, these are the things how we exist and not an issue. Instead, if you want to fight, fight for your rights as equal human beings and not comparing or proving superiority over another.

I'm a feminist and I want equality..Err..Mister please stand up that's a ladies seat.

I'm a feminist and I am independent. But I won't pay my bills because it is a date and it is rude that the man is asking you to go Dutch. He should be dumped. He is a loser.

I'm a feminist. What did I hear? You husband hits you?? Let's go file an FIR!! What you hit your husband?? Well done!! Let's go file an FIR against him!!

By filing fake rape cases/ accounts of harassment against men for personal/financial gains or whatsoever reason.

So, yes this petition is to stop the FAKE FEMINISM !

This petintion is not on the recent case of Amity University but
this petintion is for every filing of fake case, every filing of fake account of harassment against men or whatever the reason by which an advantage is given to women just because she is a women.

This petintion is to support the student of Amity University who got beaten by 25-30 goons just because they said the girl to move her vehical aside. The girls files fake case against the boys for molestation just to be on safe side.

Yes! This petintion is for the Justice for Madhav, Justice for Harsh, Justice for every men who is suffering just because of the filing of fake cases.

We want to change the mentality of every fake feminist.
We respect the person who deserve to respect.
We want a strong investigation against the girls and should get the dreadful punishment.

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