Stop Online Classes all over India

Stop Online Classes all over India

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Harisankar S started this petition to Narendra Modi and

There would be huge educational imbalance , as some will be doing online and others cant do online classes. Some Institutions are not prepared how are they supposed to tackle this. Some segment will lead and other will go down.
Either everyone should go online or none.

Amid the Corona virus ( COVID-19 ) pandemic , the global internet usage has grown rapidly. Everyone staying in their home and those who are also working in home are using the internet to communicate. In India the network infrastructure is not that much developed to handle all these internet traffic. There been many bandwidth capping not to saturate the bandwidth.
Many online services like YouTube , Netflix has pushed down the quality of content globally to reduce the Internet bandwidth usage. Specially in India, the YouTube video quality is set to a maximum of 480p and messaging platforms Whatsapp has also shortened the time limit of video status from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. 
The Internet Service Providers are not prepared to handle such huge jumps in data usage. Globally this is an issue.
If online classes starts to roll out , imagine how many students will be coming online and these students is enough to saturate the network resources, internet is for information exchange. Such a jump is data usage can cause problems to other people who are working to make living doing online jobs and also the can hinder performance impacts on calling and other things.
So until the pandemic is over, We request our Prime Minister Narendra Modi , to address the issue and ask schools and colleges to stop giving online classes.
This quarantine time is important, we should be together and praying that everything will be fine, not to have a race. 
Furthermore there are students who doesn't have proper access to internet and those people will also be affected very badly. 

More reasons to call it off:
Most of the Educational Institutions are not prepared to conduct online classes and they haven't even got proper training.
Communication is the key to education but most of the time students can't hear the teacher and can't as questions causes the technical issue throughout.

Its better to call off all online classes throughout the world. 

In a situation like this we must stop competing and would need to understand the values and stay home and stop the pandemic.

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