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Fauzan Kazi started this petition to Narendra Modi

Why CAA-NRC-NPR is problematic?

The CAA goes against Articles 5, 10, 14 and 15 of the Indian Constitution which guarantees equality before law and protection against any discrimination on the basis of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of them.

The CA Act does not provide any guidelines as to which document will prove citizenship. The government also has not framed any guidelines and is not clear as to which document will decisively prove citizenship.

While people who live in urban areas and have awareness and access, might have done their documentation, but the people from rural who lack awareness and access will not be having documentation. Similarly, while the educated might have some form of documentation, the illiterate would be at disadvantage.

While everyone will be in danger, the poor, and the illiterate will be even more disadvantaged as they will lack awareness, access and resources to both documentation process and also to judicial relief in case of them being declared foreigners. In a country where awareness about documentation is still rare, majority of population is still illiterate, it is highly impossible to present any documentation, let alone a set of comprehensive documents to prove one’s citizenship.

What would happen when CAA-NRC-NPR is implemented?

Assam NRC is a good example of what would happen if CAA-NRC-NPR will be implemented. A large number of citizens (not only Muslims) will be declared doubtful because of lack of documentation.

As we saw in Assam, 60-70 percent of NRC list excludees were non-Muslims. This shows that this exercise will be problematic not only to Muslims, but also to everyone in general because failure to produce documentation will result in exclusion from NRC list. Anyone from any community can be affected.

When a person is declared illegal, then their citizenship will be revoked, and all rights will be recinded. Their properties and possessions will be confiscated and their jobs taken away. They cannot avail any rights, claim protection from state or recourse to judiciary seeking rights/justice. They will be open to exploitation by anyone and in every way possible.

A whole black market economy will emerge out of this NRC exercise as happened in Assam, in which the authorities in charge of NRC and CAA will be taking huge amount in bribes to include names. Similarly abuse of power can take place in which people can be targeted because of personal rivalries, either by state or political parties or by individuals who can submit complaints implicating specific individuals.

What must we do?

First of all, as citizens of secular India, everyone of us must reject any legislation that is framed on the basis of any division of religion, race, language, ethnicity, gender, etc, as it is against the spirit of secular, plural, inclusive India as envisioned in the Preamble of our Constitution, which clearly lays down the basic nature of Indian state.

Since CAA-NRC-NPR are very much against the Constitution and the very idea of secular and plural India, we must come together to work democratically, exercising our constitutional right of dissent, towards making BJP government revoke CAA and cancel NPR and NRC.

We the people of India have the power, rights and authority to make a government or change it, and now is the situation to unite together as Indians and fight for our freedom from our own government.

Sign this petition to show the government that what Indians can do.

Be with me, Be with us, Be with India...

#Say No To NRC, CAA, NPR#

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!