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Smoke free Health for Indians - Ban Cigarette Manufacturing and Sale

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Everyone very well knows that "Cigarette smoking is injurious to health". Same is the case with gutkha. Both are equally dangerous for the society and hence the country.

Alcohol is still not as injurious if taken within limits as far as I know and heard from the doctors and experts.

Gutkha is ban in Maharashtra I believe. 

Selling and burning crackers is banned in Delhi this year (2017) during Diwali. I personally appreciate this step taken by the Govt. of India because it is in the interest of the society and country as the pollution is already high in Delhi (thanks to the crop burning in Punjab, that Govt. of India could not control; sounds funny though).
Crackers are mostly manufactured by Indian companies and hence banning them will impact the Indian labors and poor people (leaving aside the business owners, who can still survive with some loss).

Cigarettes and Alcohols (Liquor) are also manufactured in India but heavily imported as well.

If you ban the manufacturing and selling of cigarettes in India, it will certainly impact the labors again but for the betterment of the entire country and in favor of the India's health.

The only reason I see for not banning cigarettes is because it is giving heavy tax revenue to the Govt. but AT THE COST OF THE COUNTRY THAT THE GOVT. IS GOVERNING!!! Is any Govt. (Be it Congress, BJP or any of the supporting parties) happy with it just because of the high tax inflow? Do we want and like such kind of economic growth?

Today even school going kids can afford to buy a cigarette (Now most political leaders will play a nonsense game on this saying that their parents should give them preaching and all). All of us know that you cannot keep an eye on the kids every now and then. So this is unavoidable.

You visit any of the SEZ or any IT offices (especially BPOs) in the country, the entire pathway before the building has a carpet of cigarette butts!!!

Here's what I demand in brief:
1. Ban production and selling of Cigarettes and Beedis in India.
2. Ban production and selling of Gutkhas and Tobacco in India.

Mayur Kashikar

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