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April 9, 2014

This is an urgent call  for your help in  saving our 773 acres of Port-lands held by the Mumbai Port Trust, just 5 km from CST station, where the Ministry of Shipping has planned a massive 1.2 million TEU Container terminal. 

 This Container terminal will lead to an irreversible degradation of Mumbai:

  • 2,500 containers / 11,000 trailer and truck movements per day in South Mumbai
  • Causing traffic congestion, safety and health hazards. 

 The port is already currently being mismanaged as:

  • Thousands of Tons of coal are dumped here and spilt into the water, creating major pollution and health hazards.
  • The leases of the old warehouses in the port have run out decades ago, but they are still being held by the companies that leased them, in the hope of a real estate windfall.
  • A ship-breaking yard still exists in the area, as does a wagon dismantling yard

The ill-advised Container Terminal Project must be stopped immediately, as must the current misuse of the Port-lands. These lands must be returned to the people of Mumbai for creating much needed infrastructure to revitalise our city:

  • Schools &  colleges
  • Hospitals & Healthcare facilities
  • Sports facilities and playgrounds
  • Training facilities for Police and security forces
  • New water supply network with a North-South Main backbone reaching all localities
  • Public Coastal Transport to connect South Mumbai with the suburbs & Navi Mumbai
  • Affordable Housing 
  • Infrastructure for Mumbai’s talented entrepreneurs in Banking & Financial Services, Film making, Media, Entertainment, Marketing and Advertising etc Effectively creating lakhs of new jobs

 The Container terminal is being built in blatant violation of the 1980 Directive by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, that these Port-lands should revert to the citizens of Mumbai for providing much-needed open spaces. 

 Further the Container terminal will never be commercially viable as it is just 10 nautical miles from JNPT and the draft available at Mumbai Port is so shallow that it requires continuous dredging. In addition to destroying our city this will also be a criminal waste of public money.


Please watch the attached video for more information



Meera Sanyal

DM Sukthankar

IC Rao

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  • Prime Minister Of India
    Narendra Modi
  • Minister for Shipping
    Nitin Gadkari

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