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Safe drinking water is right of every citizen, control the price of bottled water.

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Safe drinking water is a major problem in India. Due to Scarcity of drinking water millions of lives are lost in the country, which is directly or indirectly affecting the health of people. Where as there are various multi national companies in country, who tends to pretend to solve this problem, by supply of Packaged drinking water.

But what is the "Reality" ?  These MNC's in shade of supplying drinking water are charging huge prices on packaged drinking water and building their empire. The water belongs to the citizens of this country, why should a poor die because of thirst or paying Rs 20 for a bottle of 1 Litre water, where vast majority of the people are below poverty line. How can we afford to pay so much for our own country's resources to these companies and die of thirst ?

So the Big question is !!!!!

How can we change it ?

How government can support us ?

Well the answer is very simple. Our Government and people of India , need to take a stand and regularize the prices of packaged drinking water.

What are the obstacles to this and what are the solutions to it ?

1.One obstacle could be the impact on huge margins of these MNC's.

2. Other could be rule of free market .

3. Third could be issue of availability.

So we could suggest the following solutions :-

1.  The price of packaged drinking water be regulated  by government in a phased manner , which could provide sufficient time frame for these MNC's to foresee other options for their margins. Reducing 2-3 Rs per year could be the solution.

2. Making it mandatory for Soft drinking manufacturing companies to comply with compulsory supply of 10 times quantity of equivalent water in markets at fixed regulated prices.

3. Taking steps towards making each state self sufficient , by setting up state owned Drinking Water Processing units for packaged water. These units would ultimately act as revenue units for the government within a short span of time.

4. Making it mandatory for companies to contribute by way of  Corporate Social Responsibility and contribute towards setting up of water processing units.

 Please make your contribution towards the welfare of society.


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