Right to vote from anywhere(digitally) ,as u pay tax from anywhere(digitally)

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DRAWBACKS in current EVM and election procedure.

            I. IN CURRENT EVM :-

                              In our current EVM one person can cast his/her vote many times as there is no record stored in machine that which person cast vote. So, it is totally depends on officers loyalty.


                               On voter ID card there is no unique number so using voter ID cards machine cannot stored who cast vote, instead of voter id card aadhar card has 12 digit unique number and also it holds person’s fingerprint so, it is more beneficial.


                              INDIA is a huge democratic country but during election time only 40% to 50% people can cast their vote as many of them lived outside due to their job, education and many other things.  So that, candidate who got only 21 to 26% vote won the election and become MP or MLA. So this is very unfair for democracy of INDIA  and unfair for people of INDIA.

A) During election time transport of EVM from one place to another is very costly.

B) In each room there are four officers, one to write voter name, second to mark ink on his finger

    Third to release machine and fourth to recognize person according to his voter ID card.

C) Police force used during election is very large.


          IV. VVPAT (voter verified paper audit trail)

                             Recently introduced VVPAT system is attached after EVM machine so tapering of EVM can be made and wrong VVPAT produce instead of that we can send their response of voting to their mobile numbers.



                             In current result declaration procedure, we have collected all machines at one

Place with strong security and after that counting of votes in each machine done.

A)    Firstly this is very time consuming procedure.

B)    Providing security while transporting EVM from one place to another is very costly.

C)    Result may be declared according to region of machine , so that candidate able to know that

Whose region gives him more votes accordingly that he will work in that constituency?



This Project is to overcome all this drawbacks.

  1.   Using fingerprint scanner or QR code scanner in EVM we can take one person vote only at once as machine lock that fingerprint or aadhar number for next 24 hours or as per our requirement for voting. So that, question on loyalty of any one not arises!
  2.  For people living outside due to their jobs, education or people those who cannot cast their vote during election time so that this project is going to make website for these people.


    Using website person lives in any corner of world can cast his/her vote. 

  4. Using website military person , police force those on duty during election ,officers on Duty during election can cast their vote.                        

      I have also took patent on it with patent no-201821014646.

     our election website will look and work like this