Restore urban soils before cities suffer

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Over the years, I have seen my hometown become a concrete jungle in the name of urban development. Similar trend can be seen across all major cities. But in developing the world around us, we have forgotten the world beneath us – a world that we literally cannot live without. The soil in urban areas, the very foundation of the urban ecosystem, often remains ignored as it does not offer agricultural benefits. But we must understand that function of soil is not limited to growing crops. Soil plays an essential role in maintaining good air and water quality, arresting pollution, regulating climate cycles, preventing natural disasters and even in boosting human immunity.

Research has shown that urban soils are usually severely malnourished in comparison to soils in natural states. In the absence of healthy soil, urban ecosystem loses its capability to maintain healthy living conditions – further worsening the already polluted urban environment and damaging human health. Excess depletion of urban soil can even lead to an ecosystem collapse, making it impossible to survive in cities. Like a ticking bomb, degrading urban soil can destroy several Indian cities in the coming decades. Therefore, urban soil health is essential for human wellbeing and sustainability in urban areas.

Soil needs food and water to remain healthy, just like all of us. Unfortunately, the existing urban development plans do not cater to this need adequately. To highlight this concern and propose a solution for it, I have submitted an urban soil rejuvenation project called LetHerEat to the Government of India and seek your support to bring it to the right attention. To read the appeal to Prime Minister of India, visit: