Regulating School Fees/ Charges

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Few years back when the Hon'ble Supreme Court banned donation of any kind in schools at the time of admission many parents like me felt jubilant and celebrated. We at that time did not knew that a one time saving in terms of donation money would come back hounding us all every year in much bigger way in form of re-admission fee which the schools introduced to make up their losses from foregone donations.

With all my understanding I still can not figure out the logic behind this fee charged by schools every year. Why a parent needs to pay thousands of rupees every year when his kid gets promoted from one class to another in same school. The amount is clubbed together with charges like new uniform, Books, Stationery, and other one time charges in the name of re-admission fee and can run in even a lakh of rupee in branded schools. All these expenses are charged either in march end or 1st weak of april, when after all the tax payments/ tax savings and other obligation a salaried individual is struggling to maintain his daily livelihood.

The law breakers always find a way around the stringent laws. We need a firm education policy which should lay down uniformity in our education system with regards to the following :

1. Fee structure with maximum fee fixed per month or quarter.

2. Common syllabus , Many of us who are in service and get transferred in every 3-4 years face this issue while changing schools.

3. Exam / Result and admission schedule should be same in all schools.

4.Policy on Books / uniform / stationery. These should not be forced upon parents to buy from schools only.

5. Guidelines should be issued and made public on minimum education criteria and minimum training certification of teachers to ensure quality of education.

6. Their should be a mechanism wherein parents can raise their complaints against short coming of schools in case of non-compliance. This complaints and its resolution/ punitive actions should be available in public domains so that it acts as deterrence for other schools.

I hope the GoI under the able leadership of our Hon'ble PM Shri Narendra Modi, takes timely action to give some relief to millions of middle class parents like me.