Reduction of Visa Fee for Malaysian and Visa Free entry to India for Short Term visit

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Dear Honourable PM, Foreign Minister & High Commisioner,

The relationship between India and Malaysia can be tracked back to a long time even before Independance of both countries.

Many Indians in Malaysia are still connected and maintain family ties in India. With the launch of Low Cost Carriers like AirAsia and others offering a direct flight between Kuala Limpur and Trichy, Jaipur, Calcutta and other cities than Chennai or New Delhi had benefited India & travellers in many terms.

Benefits are as follows:

1. Reduction of congestion in main metro cities airport.

2. By flying direct, the cost of travelling had reduced thus passing on the savings to be used in local economy.

3. Development of infrastructure in rural district like of Ramanathapuram, Ramesvaram and other districts accross India.

4. Families meet more often thus making the bonds stronger

By having these benefits and many more in indirect terms, the Government of India should do the following.

1. Offer visafree entry to Malaysians like being currently offered to Indonesians, Maldives and few other countries for a period of 30 days, if cannot then atleast 15 days. As with this visa ruling, sometimes children or relatives are separated during death which always unexpected.

2. Reduce the visa fee as proposed fee is more expensive than travel fare. 

I am really hoping this to be granted as many Malaysians will visit India for Family, Religious and Tourism purposes. By making an easier process its helps both countries in a way or other.