"Recycling plastic - eco friendly and economical"

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Today approximately 90% packing material is made of plastic . Tons of plastic used daily in Dairy product , Soft drinks , biscuits etc . Causing enviromental pollution and also resulting in the death of innocent animals .

These have become really common things that we all have stop bothering about  .

My petition is that if big industries like Verka (produce dairy products) , Mother dairy or Britannia which use tons and tons of plastic everyday can ask to reduce their used plastic material so it can be recycle and reused.

People will also get interest if they start giving discounts of about 1 to 1.5 buges if they return their used plastics .

Firstly it will be a great step in reducing pollution on large scale . Secondly , the amount used in making plastics will also be reduced .

Hence its profitable for everyone public , enviroment , industries and also government.