Reconducting CBSE 10th Board Exam is Injustice to Hardworking Students

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The decision of CBSE to reconduct the 10th Maths board exams is unfair and injustice to lakhs of students appearing for the exams nationwide. For the mischief of the few, lakhs of students countrywide should not be punished. 

Further, the exam started from 5th March to 28th March, which in itself is a very long period for students to take up the stress. Moreover, this year the students had to cover the entire syllabus, unlike previous years where only half syllabus was applicable. 

The decision to reconduct the 10th maths board exams was taken very hastily and should be withdrawn in the best interest of the future of the nation - The students.

As far as the punishment for those who leaked the paper, the government should investigate that and punish the guilty and make sure that such instances do not happen in future.

Also investigate whether, Airlines, Tour operators, Travel agents and others who benefit from such exam postponement are also involved in this leak mafia.

No matter who comes to power in 2019, the future of India is bright and safe in the hands of these students. Please sign the petition and request the Prime Minister of India to step in and stop the reconduct of this examination.