Provision of N95 masks and Sanitizers at cheaper costs during COVID 19 pandemic

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As we all know the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has caused panic all over the world and has started to spread in India too.Prevention is better than cure and prevention becomes MUST when we have NO CURE! It is well known fact that we have neither provision nor availability of adequate amount of N95 masks which purifies 95% of pollutants and hand sanitizers in medical stores and those which are available are not cheap enough which could be afforded by every Indian.Prices of N95 masks and sanitizers are increasing to make Business ,instead it needs to be dropped as soon as possible so that every Indian can easily avail it and take necessary measures to prevent him/herself and family from outbreak.

Not every one in India with different financial statuses would  look up to these precautionary methods if its too costly for them to have it for the whole family.Therefore mandatory steps are required and should be taken by Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare for the availability and provisions of these two.