Provide better health-care facilities in govt. hospitals for COVID patients in NorthBengal

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Respected Officials,
Today, North Bengal sees the death of the first patient from the positive result of COVID-19. The very incident has created a sense of worry among all the residence of North bengal. The medical kits, tests, hospital with isolation wards are only ready for the people residing in kolkata or nearby areas, but there are 22 other district in west bengal where there is no such facility available. The whole north bengal part serves as a huge tourist attraction and approximately there are more than 8 crore people residing in this areas. The death of one patient has endanger the lives of 8.3 crore people.

About the death that took place today, the facilities for the entire region of North Bengal is not only improper but also inadequate. To an extent, that facilities are so poor that unfortunately the relatives of the death person have to suffer. The relative of the patient who came in contact with her are isolated in a hospital in jalpaiguri. When they were taken to NBMC for test, no samples were taken nor did the doctor had any clue what questions to ask to the patient.

Due to the lack of proper health care facilities, Shristi ji doesn’t have proper drinking water, the food supplied is inadequate and lastly, she had to come out and appeal to take good care of her. 

we, humbly urge to look into the matter at the earliest for providing better health care facilities for North Bengal or else the sense of fear among the people in this entire region is rising.

Thanking You,
Citizen of North Bengal