Post Covid 19 Schools should reduce fees and collect Tution fees only

Post Covid 19 Schools should reduce fees and collect Tution fees only

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Due to Covid-19 the whole country is under lockdown since 24th March 2020. Now with over 65 days under this stringent lockdown the life and livelihood of every individual is affected and every individual is going through the mental trauma of how to restart the financial activities as many have lost jobs, faced salary cuts, losses in their businesses.

School are one of the founding stones of our society as they nurture our children to become future care takers of our society. But nowadays some private schools are just not understanding the current scenario and are not ready to give up their profits at a time when millions of people are worried about how to provide the basic necessities to their families. The schools at this juncture should show some humanity and be practical by not pressuring the parents to pay full fees rather they should come up and say we are with you and no child's education would be affected due to non payment of fees.

My humble request to all schools and thier respective Managements is you should  not collect  fees for  the months of April,  May and June  and all other kinds of fees such as transportation ,extra curricular activities and stationary should  be also not be collected for this full period of lockdown.The excess fees should be adjusted in next term's fees installment. Post lockdown too  the schools should restructure their fees and continue collecting only Tution Fees taking into consideration the current scenario and operate at a no profit cost for at least 1 year as the probability of students attending classes physically looks dim in the near future soon. 

One more thing that I would like to add is taking online classes is a good thinking by School management but online classes too has its own hurdles. On screen time of children due to online classes is increasing and is leading  to various kinds of problems related to eyes , headaches  for students. Moreover all parents do not have the infrastructure or gadgets to make their children attend online classes. Also in some cases there are more than 1 children in a family and it is not possible for all parents to afford seperate gadgets for all children in order to attend online classes. This is an added burden on the shoulders of parents to arrange gadgets and is a cause of concern that should also be addressed.

The reduction of School fees  by schools would really help parents mentally as well as financially who are struggling and fighting on many grounds at the same time in order to bring the life back on track.

As a responsible citizen of India and part of society I feel it's my duty to raise my voice for parents across India .