ShivYog Krishi : the one and only solution for the welfare of Farmers

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We all know what is going on in our country with farmers. Various reasons have been offered to explain why farmers commit suicide in India, including: floods, drought, debt, use of genetically modified seed, public health, use of lower quantity pesticides due to less investments producing a decreased yield and also government economic policies.

In old times, Krishi was the backbone of Indian economy and farmers were so rich. On the other side, the young farmers are leaving villages to search for job in cities so they can survive.


Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand is the one who has globally been recognised by various country heads for his invaluable and unique approach to provide the cosmic solutions to farmers. ShivYog Farming helps farmers to grow their crops with zero expense. In India, the farmers who are approaching this ancient method have increased quantity of their crops by 2 to 8 times. More details can be found on following links :

ShivYog Krishi : special History channel episode

Krishi Darshan : ShivYog Special on DD National


For more videos related to ShivYog Krishi and experiences of ShivYog farmers, please visit official YouTube channel of ShivYog. 

ShivYog Holistic Agriculture videos.

Dear ones, please sign this petition so that it can be reached to the Govt. Heads of India and our farmers can be benefitted at larger scale and the governments of Indian States can be aware that solution is already in India. Let's do the miracle. Let's do the ShivYog Farming.

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