Clean the banking system of nexus

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Please go through how complaints on pg portal are closed. You will come to know who are sponsors of bank scams.
Instead of probing the reports they have sought a reply which itself proves what is mentioned in my complaint. If they are doing banking as per rules why they continued 3rd party lc imports which I reported in 2000 as violation on 13 counts. And RBI issued a circular in 2005 that it has observed such transactions and they are unauthorised. But did not initiate any action against violators so far even though they have data of 86 bank branches resorting to it. I have asked to probe my special reports from 2000 to 2003.
Is it not worth probing why and how I was forced to proceed on leave. The reason given for proceeding on leave. Why it was treated as unauthorised and disciplinary action initiated without addressing the grievance. Why documents sought to prove victimization denied.
How they managed to get judgement from Karnataka high court that the punishment given is disproportionate. Since the employee is stickler for rules he can be given compulsory retirement. Mere change of words without a single paise benefit to the victim but benefit to culprits to have their way. Will they probe the conspiracy at least now

Status as on 28 Mar 2018
Registration Number : PMOPG/E/2018/0084369
Name Of Complainant : Dayananda Kamath K
Date of Receipt : 23 Feb 2018
Received by : Prime Ministers Office
Forwarded to : Reserve Bank of India
Contact Address : Consumer Education and Protection Dept.,
Amar Building, 1st Floor,
Sir P.M. Road, Fort, Mumbai400001
Contact Number : 02222631743
Grievance Description : I had a hearty laugh seeing Yashwant Sinhas question 'was RBI napping with regard to PNBfraud. RBI and for that matter every Govt authority,media including judiciary is napping in India all these years,and continues to nap. Do you think such type of transactions violations are not happening in other banks including private banks. You can wake up somebody who is sleeping but not the one who pretends to be sleeping. In India scams will be published only when someone in authority panics or has an axe to grind against the culprit. It is the case with PNBfraud or BOB fraud of past 6000 crore and present 3600 crore. Every authority tries to protect the culprits to the hilt. And those who raise the issues are harassed, punished, with the support of every authority,including judiciary,and even media looks other way. If an SIT is set up to look into my special reports as internal auditor of corporation bank, on gold banking, investment banking, and forex transactions, how I was treated by the management for bringing out these lacunas in the system, and how every Govt authorities failed in their duty. It will cleanse this rotten system forever. Will the authorities show the courage. It may bring out 1000 time bigger scam in banking Industry.
Current Status : CASE CLOSED
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Date of Action : 28 Mar 2018
Details : The concerned bank's response is as under: "We had forwarded the complaint to the Corporation Bank for their comments on the matter. Corporation Bank vide letter dated March 03, 2018 had submitted that the Complainant had addressed the same issue to the Secretary (Financial Sector) DEA, Government of India on July 05, 2005 which was replied by the bank on July 27, 2005. The complainant was also advised by RBI vide letter No.DAPM.CO.RIA.1874/07.50.01/2006707 dated October 04, 2006. The bank has further stated that the complainant was an officer in the bank and was removed from services of the bank on September 05, 2006 for remaining unauthorizedly absent from duty and other charges. The bank further stated that they adhere to all Regulatory Guidelines in handling banking business and act within the framework and policies approved by the Board." In view of above, the complaint may please be treated as closed.