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Abolish of 12% GST on Sanitary Pad.

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"पेट तो भर नही पाते पैड खरीदने के लिए पैसे कहा से लाये" एक महिला की आवाज।।और वही देश के दूसरे कोने में ऐसी घटना दिल दहलाने वाली हैं।।

She was in her early 20's, familiar to many as the conductor in the bus that ran from my village to the nearby town.

One day she was on duty as usual. In the journey she got her periods. Since she wasn't aware of her dates she didn't have anything for this situation. In a while her clothes began to stain because of the flow.

She asked the driver to stop the bus midway. All around there was a small forest area filled with thorny bushes. She quickly got off the bus and started looking for something to manage the flow. As she walked, she found a piece of cloth lying on the ground. She grabbed it.

In a hurry, she wrapped the cloth and used it to manage the flow and came back to the bus. Few women in the bus understood what was going on. The journey began again. A little later she started frothing from her mouth. The people in the bus got scared and took her to the hospital but she died later.

Some women from the bus told the doctor about the incident in the forest. When she was checked up, they found the cloth she had picked up from the forest and saw a small snake falling off the cloth.

The same piece of cloth that she used to save her dignity became a cause of her death.

This incident once again brings home the reality of lack of awareness on menstruation and menstrual hygiene. A girl/women should know how to keep a track of her menstrual cycle and be prepared for it! It is a shame that women are dying due to lack of a sanitary napkin and awareness.

When indian girl hit in 7th std 23% of them drop out of school because most of them can't afford #sanitary pad and now 12% #GST on sanitary pad.

I really don't understand our PM.first he started swachh bharat abhiyaan and then he taxed #sanitary pad at 12% #GST.

I am not against #GST But thing like #sanitary pad must be free for #women safety. 

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Roy Keshav Sharma

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