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Please stop converting Meherazad Approach Road into a public road (by Meher Baba Lovers)

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The Meherazad property where Avatar Meher Baba resided from 1944 till He dropped His body on 31 st January 1969 , includes the Private Approach Road and Seclusion Hill known as Dhakti Tembi is a world - wide site of pilgrimage.

1. The Approach Road and the avenue of trees which surround it are an important part of pilgrimage, many times sanctified by Meher Baba's presence — on foot and by car since 1944 at the time of its purchase.

2. The Sale Deed specifies easement rights only to land owners whose land s border the Road; but is now slowly becoming a public road with even those not living on properties abutting the Approach Road wanting an easement thru Meherazad to the village.

3. Walking down the Approach Road to Meherazad has always been an intrinsic part of one’s pilgrimage.

4. The State Government has recognized Meherazad including the
Approach Road as a place of worldwide pilgrimage.

5. On a number of occasions the Trust has offered to construct a road parallel and just north of our Approach Road at our own expense. This would provide those people living on the Approach Road easy access to the Pimpalgaon Village. This alternate road is identified on the village map as the Nul-Pati (which means pipeline) and was originally the route that the water pipeline traveled from Pimpalgaon Lake to Ahmednagar City. The land for this Nal-Pati was acquired by the Ahmednagar Municipality and an unpaved road was built on the pipeline. After the water supply from Pimpalgaon Lake was discontinued by the Municipality, since the past few decades, this road is not being used and some part of it has been encroached upon by the farmers abutting it. Some part of this road still exists.

6. This Nul-Pati can be converted to a road if the encroachment is
removed (if necessary with compensation to the farmers who have encroached on this road), which would require the will of the central / state government and departments concerned.

The Avatar Meher Baba Trust is willing to help financially in compensating the farmers and building the road.

7. This proposal secures the sanctity of the private Approach Road for pilgrims to walk to Meherazad and simultaneously offers an alternate access to the village for all farmers whose lands abut the private Approach Road as well as for the surrounding community. For the past two years they have been clamoring for access to the village through the middle or alongside of Meherazad property.

To allow such access would destroy the sanctity of Meherazad, polluting it with a continual stream of vehicular traffic and deafening noise.

The local community would benefit from the alternate Nul-Pati proposal and so would the world of Baba lovers who hold Meherazad so dear to their hearts.

We deeply appreciate your prompt response to our letter. This is a
n urgent matter concerning all of Avatar Meher Baba's family equally.


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