Permanent Removal of kherki daula (Manesar) toll for the development of New Gurgaon

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Kherki daula (Manesar) toll Has divided Gurgaon city in two parts. This toll is biggest obstruction in the development of new Gurgaon (Sector 81 to 10x).

We don't need such a toll in middle of a city which is a bottleneck for daily commuters. We have Manesar industrial area which also faces huge traffic issues because of this toll. Everyday we have emergency vehicles (ambulances) who tries to cross the toll but nowhere they find support from local authorities or toll employees. Additional amount of toll is added to us after closure of Gurgaon-Delhi toll which is not justified.The truth is just pay money and get a way. Every government promises to shift this toll but noone has shown the willingness to actually shift.

Let's sign this petition and show the government that new Gurgaon residents are not in agreement to have this toll on their way. Your few minutes can make a difference for your future.