We want our "Job back"

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More than 1200+ artists lost their job in the VFX industry in a day, under one roof Technicolor (TraceVfx-400, MPC-800), These big Giants created a wave of unemployment during the lockdown and made them jobless in such tough times.

"AnimationXpress-News:The worrying trend of mass terminations began with MPC Montreal which led labour organisations there to call out the VFX behemoth. As per Art Babbitt Appreciation Society (ABAS), a grassroots organization campaigning to unionize Canada’s animation and VFX industries, the company laid off hundreds of workers across three studios in Montreal — MPC, Mr. X, and Mill Film — as well as its educational work program Technicolor Academy. ABAS’s assertion substantiated the circulating rumors of mass layoffs."

Covid 19 pandemic has affected social and work life. The Prime minister has urged companies not to layoff employees as it's a moral and economical support for people in these devastating times. Companies can, and have, resorted to a reasonable salary deduction instead. Keeping their positions as opposed to unemployment instills a tremendous amount of security in people and their families.

But the VFX industry has been insensitive and even ruthless in some cases concerning artists who worked day at night to make the company what it is. Companies like Trace VFX, MPC and Technicolor Group have laid artists off in large numbers in just a day leaving employees helpless and negatively affecting their overall welfare. They have chosen to ignore instructions form government officials regarding the care of employees.

Going ahead, intervention from the government would be a good argument to ensure proper work ethics are being followed and make inquiries when they aren't. It's too typical a pattern now for companies to hire artists in mass when they have a new projects, extract output from them mercilessly, and often at minimum wage, and then tossing them aside when the requirement has ended. This victimization by studio bureaucrats needs to be looked into.

This ongoing cycle has put artists and their families in a constant state of distress, prompting many to leave the industry.

This should not be the case. Creators shouldn't have to turn their backs on skills they've honed by years and hours of training. Rather we need a more nurturing environment for artists now more than ever.

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