ParamVir Chakra (PVC) For Wng. Cdr. Abhinandan

ParamVir Chakra (PVC) For Wng. Cdr. Abhinandan

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Riding a Bison,
He killed a Falcon,
Looked Death in Eyes,
Smiled like a Lion,
Stood Ramrod,
In front of Enemy,
No fear, no worry,
Bravest of Brave,
That is Abhi...

Its not an easy feat - to shoot a F16 by a Mig 21 that too in a dog fight. Wng Cdr Abhinandan just did it...
A courageous, ferocious, calm, composed, dignified and polite hero Of our country.
Also, we will not consider it peace as When combat aircraft penetrate foreign airspace in an act of aggression it is an act of war. 

Pak media ( ) highlighted the valour of WinCo Abhinandan. After landing in enemy land, he kept advancing hostile people at a distance with a gun and moved 1km to jump into a pool and destroyed important documents there; he even tried to swallow some papers before pak force came.)

Soldiers have been doing alot for us, not considering the risks involved, it is our Responsibility to get them the due honour.
This India's son deserve nothing less then Paramvir Chakra for his bravery.