Opposing the move of Central govt to give 10% reservation to Economically Backward Classes

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Its good to give reservation for economically backward classes but not at the cost of beheading General Category Salary Class Peoples aspirations and dreams, if at all u want to introduce Reservation  for economically backward classes first remove the reservation for all the categories based on Castes which was a mere step taken to equal there standard of living at the time of independence which was made only for 20 years. But Politicial parties since then used it as a tool to gain votes and since then extending that period. If at all u want to benefit economically backward classes first remove the reservations based on caste and give 30% reservation to economically backward classes in spite of their caste. Now only it is hard to get a govt job for general category people dont make it harder by raising the Reservation percentage to 60%. Please consider this petition on behalf of all the people who are going to negatively effected from this.Please sign my petition.