No Re-Examination should be held and if held they should be held in NCR alone.

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The government is playing with the emotions and happiness of all students appearing for 10th and 12th board examinations! The government should now be known as scamgovernment.

16.11 lakh students appeared for 10th board examination and 11.5 lakh students for the 12th board examination for maths and economics respectively. If 5 students have leaked the paper that also in Delhi then why should other 161195 students reappear for examinations. Their dedication; their happiness of the exams getting finished everything is in water. Just think about it once and think of your government doing absolute hard work and spending a lot of money in people’s welfare without taking a single penny in bribe and running the government successfully for 4 years you think u would win the elections the 5th year but you don’t! The pain you would feel at that time is what kids are going through right now!

Their sleepless nights and days and absolute hard work is all in vain!

If you want to reconduct exams then I don’t have any problem but the country has and the exams should be conducted only in Delhi region or only in the schools were these type of cheating is suspected!