Need investigation on Hawala and money laundering in the name of charity

Need investigation on Hawala and money laundering in the name of charity

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Charity Investigation Group started this petition to Narendra Modi and


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Being a responsible citizen I have to share the doubtful acts happening in our country especially we are being alerted due to terrorist attacks, financial crises, and so on.

The complaint is on the Facebook charity page named "Firoz Kunnamparambil Palakkad" ( ). There are other online charity groups also there and request you for the investigation on them also.


Undoubtedly they do charity, but some doubtful act also there. I would like to point out each. Please go through the normal procedure.


The approached patients should have an MoU (not sure whether it is written or verbal) with these charity people then they start the procedure of "helping".
After the MoU signed the charity guys will open a new joint account in the name of the patient or their relatives with a person nominated by charity people, from any of the private banks.
Then they go for the Live Video on Facebook, which is boosted (digital marketed, by paying to social media (Facebook)) to reach maximum people.
By seeing the pathetic condition of the patients, many ordinary people send money.
They make another live video to say thanks to the public that they received enough amount.
Now the common public has doubts on the below acts, with the "why" question. 
They already have a charity foundation called "Firos Kunnambarambil Foundation" and it has bank current accounts, but they hardly do any charity transaction through it.
Now the person Firos is known as "NANMA MARAM" means the tree of goodness, but the past of the person is not that good and had many kinds of illegal activities and so on. (not sure, heard from the people from the area)
While Firos and team have their own institution and bank account, they open joint bank accounts in patients' or relatives' names along with charity people's nominees and collect money through it.
The said charity group has many agents all over Kerala on a commission basis.
They make an MoU with the patients' people that, they will take all the extra amount than the patients' requirement and there shouldn't be any claim on it.
They don't do much charity work of smaller amounts like 5 Lakhs or less. They work only for bigger amounts.
They deal with star rated private hospitals only, never approach government hospitals.
They claim that they purchase human organs for the treatment. No idea from where and how they purchase human organs. (this is from an interview video of Firos)
Most of the cases they never reveal the amount that they received through the accounts.
There is no transparency on the senders and the sent amounts.
For the above fact, the doubt is on "the hawala" or money laundering deal through these accounts.
There is no charity donation certificate as the payment is to a basic savings bank account, and no one benefits 80-C or so on.
Firos Kunnamparambil is a single name and person, but this business is not at all a single person. It is a group of people, as the people will get scolds, abuses, or life threats if any of these questions asked in social media.
The bigger doubt is there are many political party leaders involved in this business as no political parties came up with any kind of blames or such doubts.
They have made videos on fake reasons for charity and made money. (they've withdrawn the video from the Facebook page)
The particular person, Firos says, being a charity celebrity, he used to get plenty of money (minimum Rs. 50000) from the inauguration or such functions (weekly 4 - 5) and he pays all these for charity. The doubt, does he pay taxes for these personal incomes?

The important doubt is, as they represent a political party based on religious ideology, are they using this collecting money to fund terroristic activities?
Firos makes many foreign trips every month to different GCC countries. Says, inauguration, functions, etc.
By these doubts, I am very much sure about hawala money flow to the country and thought of informing the concerned authority. I hope India's best bureau will find the truth and do the needful as soon as possible on this.

The attached file is the bank account details they spread through live videos and collected amounts. There are a bunch of charity celebrities in Kerala doing the same business that can be provided on order. Some of these groups of people have a good connection with each other and some are having clashes too.

Authority can contact me confidentially on this same email address at any time for any of the clarifications.


I would like to keep my information safe and secure. 


Yours Faithfully,

Charity Investigation Group

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!