Military Governance And Liberation - Ultimatum for Crime Prevention

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For the past many years, we have witnessed the cruelty with which people are treating each other, especially crime against women. Take any incident that comes to your mind. Let us start with the Nirbhaya incident. Considering the extent of gruesomeness of the crime, what will we have preferred for the criminals? I say execution. They deserve far more cruel punishment than just sitting in the jail, just like how it is done in the Middle-east. But what did our government do? Were the criminals awarded the rightful punishment? Why is our judiciary and government lenient towards these monsters, who do not deserve to live among us? The best escape route for these criminal-minded people is to declare themselves as juvenile. If a juvenile does not have the innocence that a juvenile is supposed to, then why treat him (or rather try him) as a juvenile. The 3 years in some rehab centre is not going to help in any way. Similarly, jailing an adult for such a heinous crime won't help either. I strongly feel, that the country is wasting its time, effort and money on these nasty monsters. Also, with lack of strict and apt punishment, crimes are often replicated. Following the Nirbhaya case, there have been many rapes in moving cars, and rapes in the most unnatural ways wherein these filthy creatures have inserted all kinds of things in the private parts of the victims; needless to mention that many of these victims were just infants and babies, who probably even hadn't learnt to talk, or walk. And what does this indicate? There is no fear in the minds of the people, and these sick-minded people feel the urge to experiment the same, because they know that the law and order in our country is weak. The same goes for all kinds of abuse and acid attacks, where the attackers are often let to walk free after a few months or years in prison, while it is a lifetime of suffering for the victims.

What can we do to bring about a change in our country and the mindset of the people? Bring in a military rule, that will ensure that laws are reinforced and criminals are punished the way they deserve. Once proven guilty, no lawyer should be assigned, and the petition should not be moved to any other court. The criminals should be executed publicly, so that it brings fear to the minds of all others. This should be done unsparingly, regardless of religion, caste, status and influence of the criminals or their kin. Furthermore, I would like to add that these are not humans, and no mercy should be shown on them. They should be made to feel the same pain that they had inflicted on the innocent victims. These are the people who are eventually holding back the growth of our nation. Only when these liabilities have been eliminated, will the crime rate come down, and our country will truly progress and prosper.

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