Mandatory Airlift for people in accidental emergencies

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Every day lots of people die in India in accidents majorly due to inadequate medical facilities who otherwise can be saved. Recently Ajay Padval, a cyclist died after meeting an accident on bike while on way to Leh, succumbing to injuries in Leh civil hospital.

As per reports his friends accompanying him  did a lot of back and forth from one army camp to another in the hope that they could arrange an airlift for their friend. However, it was not possible due to lack of permissions. A tweet by cyclist Sandeep Madaan to the defence ministry requesting for permission for the young cyclist to be transported to the nearest city went in vain. “By the time I reached the hospital, it was about 8 pm. Ajay’s friends had already visited most of the offices to ask for permission to airlift him, but I was later told that it was not possible because he was not a resident of Leh,” said Madaan.

Again a life was lost just because the permissions were not there for airlift due to some obsolete and in-explainable rules.

I request PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi, through this petition to instruct for work and issuance of an Executive order to make airlift mandatory and without any approval for people who are in such emergencies to get them the right medical attention to save precious lives. After all as Abraham Lincoln said, Government is of the people, by the people,"for the people" shall not perish from Earth.