Make Most Stringent Animal Protection Law to Prevent Violence Against Animals.

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" Stray Dogs Burned Alive near Janeshwar Mishra Park Lucknow"

" Two Stray Pups Crushed to Death in Car "

These two horrifying crimes have been committed recently in the month of August 2020.The crimes were committed not only against the innocent souls who cannot speak for their own rights but also against the will power of humanity to be kind and generous.Surprisingly,one of the crimes was committed two days after Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi Ji urged citizens of India to adopt stray dog breeds in his live "Mann ki Baat".

The innocent stray animals cannot speak for themselves and are often seen living at the mercy of humans.The responsibility given to humanity to take care and nurture them seems lost and instead crimes are being committed against the delicate balance of nature because of no fear of being arrested.Ironically,the crime committed against animals falls under the category of bailable offenses,with only a monetary fine of up-to Rs.100.

We stand firm for human rights and seem to forget that this planet has animals too ,which have equal rights as humans to live and nurture themselves in peace.

Through this petition,we request Honorable Prime Minister of India,Sri Narendra Modi Ji , Honorable Union Minister of Law and Justice,Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji and Honorable Union Minister for Women and Child Development Smt.Maneka Gandhi , to urgently make amendments to Animal Rights and Life Protection Laws in the Indian Constitution such that crimes against animals in India are categorized as non-bailable offenses and will incur lifetime imprisonment and seizure of private property and assets.Also,we urge that the guilty of such heinous crimes be found and punished at the earliest.

We request the citizens of India to help prevent this fabric of humanity from falling away by signing this petition.