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Life sentence or capital punishment for Rapists/Murderers -Even for Juveniles.

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Immaterial of whether you are a man or a woman, do you think punishment laws are strict enough to instill a fear against such crimes in India?

The current status regarding the safety of women and children in India is known to everyone. There is not a single day when the news channels or papers dont have news related to murders or sexual molestation of women or children in some state or location within India. 

The question is;  is this the kind of society we aspire to become? Are we all not sick and tired of watching all this happening in front of our eyes mutely? Are we only going to wake up during candle marches or when it happens with someone we love? Are we just going to sit quiet on this?

Since the punishment rules are lenient, the law enforcement & support is slow and the whole process is not victim friendly, what we see in news is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many such incidents that go unreported due to many reasons.

Since our law mechanism relaxes juveniles from such heinous crimes, now they are a part of most of such crimes. Most famous example is in the case of Nirbhaya. The Juvenile involved is already out of Jail and roaming around us with a hidden identity. In many cases, Juveniles are used to commit such crimes by criminals for the same reason.

Probably when such a regulation was made few centuries ago, juveniles were not really committing such crimes. But haven't we seen enough to make amendments to such acts at-least now?  


Lets sign this petition to make a difference in our society. A positive difference where our women and children can be safer.

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