Let our kids at least get the justice they deserve in a swift and transparent manner

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Honorable Prime Minister of India
Dear Sir

Our children are getting raped and slaughtered everyday in every corner of this country by violent criminals who don't deserve any sympathy or who don't deserve any right to live in this society. 

While laws are in place for capital punishment but the system has become so corrupt, so politicized and so dysfunctional that our children and their families are not even getting the basic justice that they deserve. 

The laws are just being used as a political tool and not situation has become even uglier as political power brokers are using the horrific deaths of these children to gain power, to disrupt and destroy this country. This must be stopped as soon as possible in any manner possible.

 While our kids are becoming more and more vulnerable by each passing day to predators who can't be detected as they belong to the general population, we need immediate police and judicial reforms to at least protect our children, dispense justice fast, with priority and making sure that these predators are removed from the face of this planet as soon as possible.