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Legalize right to homegrown "cannabis indica", remove cannabis from 1984 NDPS act

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When so many countries have announced this change, why is India left behind?
We must legalize cannabis indica. This plant is suffering like Rama since it has been exiled from its own home!

We must legalise homegrown cannabis for the health and economic benefit of the people.

No longer should the citizen's health be sacrificed for the profit of big pharma businesses.

The problem is that the complexities are not understood: This is the typical reason for government inertia, which must be overcome... 

To avoid needless commercialization and profiteering on this free herb, please focus on legalization of homegrown cannabis, and for this, supply of free water, good quality non-GMO cannabis indica seeds, as well as land plot distribution by the government. NREGA-type manpower might be allocated to reforestation (seeds of high yield forest fruits like orange, passion fruit, pear, watermelon, and the "cement of the forest" cannabis) This is a must to fight problem of hard drugs and alcoholism.

The mental and psychosomatic health benefits of cannabis are well-known.

It is known that cannabis deploys and thus generally activates thus boosts the Norepic system and is anti-free radical thus anti-cancer, anti-ageing, anti-dementia, anti-depression. And cigarettes work the other way, sheer poison. Beware, even of its second hand smoke! Now that GST is there, government need no longer depend on sales tax from tobacco and alcohol.


More important still is the fact that cannabis seems to be a "cement of the forest", and the main problem of today is deforestation and desertification which was compounded by the 1984 congress regime's irresponsible issue of the NDPS act.

More details:

Insects are attracted to the sources and engines of life -- e.g. light. Life more generally, is attracted to this medicinal plant. E.g.:

a) Ants on your cannabis plants are a sign of pests that produce 'honeydew'.
This plant "cannabis" attracts more insects than any other plant... must be because of the homeostatic support system of life* that Dr. Melamade refers to...

* (necessary for the removal of free radicals and subsequent thriving of the organism)

Thus, for the forest, this plant is as important as water!

(It is particularly interesting in this regard that breastmilk contains cannabinoids, you grow healthy only when nourished on it*)

* Not cow milk... cows aren't as brain-oriented as humans, therefore cow milk has no cannabinoids.

It would appear that these plants are, more generally, the engines of jungle and natural life... it proactively grows on barren land (thus the name of "weed"), and its pollen goes farther than any other plant, therefore to bring back nature*, we need to liberate this plant.

* Bring back nature? Why? That is the unknown secret of "smart city" -->

This is the ultimate secret of how to build a forest!

But of course there is a warning for government when it moves to pass legislation freeing cannabis. Beware of SPICE i.e. pharma mafia-peddled pseudo-cannabis. As long as you know the difference:

Pseudo-cannabis, or SPICE, is spread by bad elements and it causes severe, intentional, irreversible damage to children and unsuspecting cannabis lovers. This problem exists in parts of India also.

The Secret of the Spice!
Now i understand that statement from the old "Dune" videgame, one of the first cool strategy games: "He who has the most spice, rules the universe!"

This error can only end if there is legalization of high THC/CBD type medicinal marijuana (as well as hemp, for industrial uses)... to fight drought and deforestation and uplink water cycle, government must encourage planting of seeds and distribute high quality seeds and assistance for free (also distribute fruity plant seed like orange, pear, berries, and make a large scale production facility to distribute various tree grafts).

Some people say, "What tales may you tell when the travel is not your own?"

But it is folly to compare cannabis with the typical psychedelic, or to call it a negatively mind-altering substance. When you use it, agreed, the bandwidth of linear thinking is reduced, but in my experience, only the useless linear thinking is cut out, and the increased nonlinear thinking makes it worthwhile (especially if capitalist error is out of the picture! Of course weed won't help the stock market investor get rich!). Also cannabis does not "alter the mind", it does not "make you someone else", to the contrary it augments personality, and enables it to fly, so to speak.

I know what I'm talking about, I've done my neuroscience research:

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