Justice for our Indian Daughters

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No matter what their  caste, their religion, their status, their name they are all daughters of India. 

It is hard to believe that people have lost humanity and are supporting the rapists just because they are Hindu or Muslim. It matters not what religion the rapist is from or what religion the victim was from, what matters is that no rapist has a religion as he has transgressed humanity itself.

Any rapist should be given a death sentence as they do not the right to even live in jail after that have snatched away the life of any daygdaug of India, not only the daughter but as well as a whole family.

If a rapist can be given bail and a life sentence, then the laws are not good enough. You as the Prime Minister and President of India have the power to make stronger and effective laws which will dole out the death sentences to rapists ensuring that every women , and daughter of India feels save.

I am not requesting I am demanding justice for all the victims as a daughter of India and as it is my right being a citizen of India and, it is in your power to make this change happen. A rape case can be another file on your desk but for a 5-year-old it’s a life lost forever. This heinous crime requires day to day trials and immediate justice. We need you to teach a lesson to the rapists and bring fear to those with such intent.  Please set an example, by tightening the noose around rapists, to make India safer for our children, for our sisters and mothers. We have faith in your wisdom, judgment and decision!