Justice For Capt. Saurabh Kalia. War hero of Kargil.

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Captain Saurabh Kalia (1976–1999) was an officer of the Indian Army who was tortured and killed by Pakistani army in violation of Geneva Convention.

Lt Saurabh Kalia and his men were in captivity from 15 May 1999 – 7 June 1999 (over twenty-two days), and subjected to torture as evident from injuries to their bodies when they were handed over by the Pakistani Army on 9 June 1999.[3] Post-mortem examinations revealed that the Pakistanis had tortured their prisoners by: burning their bodies with cigarettes, piercing the ear-drums with hot rods, puncturing eyes before removing them, breaking most of their teeth and bones, fracturing their skulls, cutting the lips, chipping of nose, chopping off limbs and private organs of the soldiers, and finally shooting them dead, as evidenced by bullet wounds to the temple. The post-mortem also confirmed the injuries were inflicted ante-mortem (before death).

 We want the the people responsible for the war crimes be punished as per the rulings of the Geneva Convention. And want our government to take this case to ICJ as Narendra Modi promised in his election campaigns.