Justice for Amaravati

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Farmers of Amaravati 

Andhra Pradesh 


The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

Government of India

New Delhi

Subject: Shifting of capital from Amaravati - Causing Injustice to the farmers- - seeking directions to develop Amaravati as per the promise made by Government of Andhra Pradesh- Request regarding.

1. I bring to your kind indulgence the following facts and circumstances requesting for necessary action to undo Injustice caused to us by the Acts and deeds of the present Government of Andhra Pradesh

2.Your kind authority is well aware that Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated into States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh through AP Reorganisation Act, 2014. Your kind authority taken cognizance ofInjustice caused to the Andhra Pradesh by virtue of theaforesaidbifurcation. 

3. The Government of India appointed Sivaramakrishnan Committee and it is on record that in the survey conducted by the said committee 52% favoured the new capital city to be located around Vijayawada- Guntur region.

4. The Government of Andhra Pradesh by taking various inputs decided to locate the capital city in the centre place of the state  andfurther favoured land pooling system to secure lands for the city capital without there being any financial burden on the Government. An Act title “AP Capital Region Development Act, 2014” was passed for the purpose of planning, coordination, execution, supervision and financing and promotion and for securing the planned development of capital region. The aforesaid Act was notified and came into force w.e.f 30-12-2014. The Government assured the farmers of this region while surrendering their lands that the Government will develop the area as capital city with all infrastructure and further promised that each and every promise will be in the form of Legislation. Having believed the version of the Government and having believed that there will be statutory protection in the form of legislation we the farmers of this area I.e 29 villages surrendered our precious land which is our only source of livelihood with a fond hope that the Government will fulfill its obligations as promised.

5. The developmental activities were kick started by the previous Government as promised and in the said process your kind authority laid foundation stone for Amaravathi City on 22-10-2015. Apart from that the Central Government provided financial assistance of 1500 Hundred Crores towards construction the Amaravathi City. Further the Temporary High Court complex was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Justice of India on 03-02-2019 at Amaravathi and foundation stone was laid on the said date for the construction of permanent Judicial Complex. Apart from that, the construction of several Government complexes are under various stages of construction including secretariat,both wings of legislature, housing complex for ministers and IAS officers, NGO’s. It is on record that the Government nearly spent 32,000 crores for the construction of various buildings. By seeing all these developments we are under bonafide impression that the Government will honour its commitments given to us in the form of AP CRDA Act,2014

6. In the last general elections YSRCP formed Government in Andhra Pradesh, several people supported YSRCP with a fond hope that it will continue the developmental activities in the Capital Region. Even the assembly segment forming part of the Capital City Area also won by YSRCP. Such is the hope posed by the farmers of this area in the present Government. To our dismay and shock the present YSRCP government acting to the detriment of our interests,stopped all developmental activities since May 2019 causing concern to us. Further the cabinet ministers in the present Government issuing series of statement against the capital city. Adding fire to fuel, the present Government constituted a committee vide G.O.Rt No. 585 dt.13-09-2019 to review the developmental activities. The very appointment of the committee is motivated to stop the development in the Capital city area.

Even before the submissions of the report by the said committee, the Hon’ble CM made a statement on the floor of the House relating to formation of three capital cities for the State of Andhra Pradesh. To our surprise the committee also submitted the same report and this is nothing but a motivated report in order to cause loss to us.

7. We have surrendered our lands which is our source of livelihood. The government returned to us 1250 sq yard against surrendered of Ac.1 of land I.e., 4840 sq yards. The Government in lieu of takingby the Govt 3590 sq yards, it has to return a developed andreconstituted plot of 1250 sq yards as per Section 52 of AP CRDA Act,2014. The Developed plot means as per the act as per the notified master plan. The govt has to handover to us developed and reconstituted plot as per The Andhra Pradesh Capital City Land Pooling Scheme(Formulation And Implementation) Rules, 2015). Instead of discharging their obligations under the the act and rules, the Government is proposing, to shift the secretariat and assembly to Vishakhapatnam and as well as The High Court to Kurnool. For the last two days the entire media including electronic media and press reported this news.

8. We the farmers lost our livelihood and the plot which was given by the Government is only an asset to us. The physical features of the lands were totally changed and it is totally unfit for agriculture. We have given our lands with the hope that the entire Government buildings including Secretariat, assembly, High Court is constructed here and also the Government will develop 9 cities as promised by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Any deviation from the notified master plan is nothing but a betrayal

9. During the debate in the assembly relating to the Amaravathi the Hon’ble Chief Minister who was in opposition then supported the land pooling scheme for the development of the Capital region and the requirement of Ac.35,000 for that

10. Your kindness inaugurated the City of Amaravathi by bringing holy waters from different rivers. Now everything is foiled for motivated reasons and for political vendetta.

Hence we request your kind authority to intervene into the matter and do justice for us by directing the State authorities to continue the said developmental activities as per the notified master plan and as per the promises contained in AP CRDA act and rules, for which kindness we will be grateful.  

Your Sincerely

People of Amaravati