Justice For Alka

Justice For Alka

2 April 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ankita Valecha

Honourable Sir,

             On 22nd of March-2020, my daughter ‘Alka Valecha’ (also known as ‘Pranica Vinay Chugh) has passed away. She had a degree in Engineering and she was a fun-loving, polite and beautiful soul. Her in-laws, Vinay Chugh (Husband), Reshma Chugh (Mother-in-law), Mukesh Chugh (Father-in-law) and Jay Chugh (Brother-in-law) are declaring that she committed Suicide by Hanging.

            On the night before, i.e. 21st of March-2020, Alka & her in-laws were happy because Jay Chugh’s Roka Ceremony date was decided.

We believe it is a ‘Planned Murder’.

Because –

1)     All the members of Chugh Family were at their residence, due to “Janta Curfew” and with everyone present at home, how can a person commit suicide?

2)     There is No Proof of her hanged from the fan.

3)     At the time of incident, we did NOT notice any rope around.

4)     There was No Damage to the Fan.

5)     Except for a Red Mark on the Neck, there were NO SIGNS of suicide, like -

a.     Stiff Hands and Body

b.     Tongue sticking out

c.      Eyes poking out

6)     No letter stating the reason for suicide was found when the Police Officer was carrying out search procedure in the room.

7)     Her in-laws did not even call any doctor or the Police

      Alka had been suffering mental & physical torture for dowry, by her Mother-in-law and her continuous pleas of help that she made to her Husband were ignored.

      Alka’s in-laws are rich people and hence, they are getting political support in getting away. Also, ‘Mukesh Chugh’ being a Partner/Associate of Eagle Infra Ltd., they are getting additional support from rich businessmen.

      Her in-laws Reshma Chugh, Mukesh Chugh and Jay Chugh fled away for 3-Days and now, have already got Bail.

How is it possible that they get Bail, while Sec 144 was applied in the country by the Prime Minister?

            Further, the Accused ‘Vinay Chugh’ (Husband) has been receiving VIP Treatment while being in Police Custody. He is being supplied Food and Mattresses.

            All I want is Justice for my daughter, Alka. So, I kindly request you all to sign this petition and help us in getting this case (Registered FIR No. 0087) transferred under the CID, so that investigation is done with Due Diligence.

Thanking You,

                                                                                     Yours Sincerely,

                                                                                Amarlal K. Valecha

                                                                     (Father of Alka Valecha)

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Signatures: 2,430Next Goal: 2,500
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