"Instant death penalty" for rarest of the rare rape cases.justice for nirbhya and asifa!

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Its been 5 years and 4 months since nirbhya case,though death penelty has been granted but there has been no execution! We want justice for her! My concern here is that  instant death  penelty should be given to rarest of rare rape cases like nirbhya and who  all are proven guilty when the judgement comes in asifa case! I want change!nirbhya died what happened to her was a shock to the whole nation.criminals like these should be shown no mercy!the level of brutality they did deserves instant death penelty so that there is a drop in the henious crimes against women and children! Though death penelty was granted in nirbhya case was there any drop in the rape cases? The answer everybody knows. My request here is that the degree of punishment should be corelated with which the crime has been committed and the culprit should be treated as a culprit and not the person of any cast,religion or person of higher position(in special reference to asifa's case).