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India to Bharat - regain the lost Identity of our emerging Nation

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Did we make a big Mistake by not repealing the Name given by Colonial britishers/ East india Company to Bharat when they left in 1947?

Yes! India as a word does not mean anything

Bharat has an amazing depth of meaning.

The first thing a conqueror in that era would do was to change the identity of the subject and establish their superiority.

Same was the case by the then East India company to destroy the ethos of the country.

Our emerging nation now also needs to regain its identity in the world.

If the intellectuals complain what is in a name - ask them why is it "Great Britain"? Would they be ok with the name "Marginal Britain" Or a "Divided kingdom" instead of "United Kingdom"? Nope they wanted to establish their Superiority over the World hence it was called The Great Britain.

Name of UK is none of our business and is just an example that names do matter.

Lets get back and establish our Identity, Socially, Politically and by setting a benchmark for development peace, harmony and Individual growth not just economically but also emotionally and Spiritually. Lets do it holistically in every sphere for the rest of the world to follow and in turn benefit everyone across all nations.

Attached Interview with Sadhguru explains it in Amazing Simplicity.

Hope there would be enough Interest in this petition for our Prime Minister 'Narendra Modi' to Act on it (who we are lucky to have).

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