I want Indian PM to lift restrictions on the OCI holders who live and work in India

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Respected Prime Minister,

I am a Overseas Citizen of India(OCI) who live and work in India. Based on your clarion call, I decided to join the “Make in India” campaign and returned to my country India from Australia and set up my business here.

My kids enrolled in local schools and my ageing father could live with me and enjoy time with the grandchildren’s. I am a proud taxpayer and invested in the country.

Since coming to India I have been making various overseas business trips and every time I travelled using my OCI and it gave me a sense of pride to and gave me feel if my Indian origin connection, as I was treated in par with Non Resident Indians(NRI).

On 11 March 2020, I came out on a short business trip and as soon as I landed at my destination, I was informed that Indian government has placed travel restrictions and OCI holders are barred from entering India. However what surprised me was foreigners (non OCI) who have work visas were allowed to return.

Currently am stranded overseas unable to return to my family, my work and my country India. Moreover am not treated in par with other resident Indians in my enquiries with Indian missions overseas.

There are many genuine OCI holders like me who have made India their home and are suffering owing to this travel restrictions.

Considering that I request you to treat OCI holders who live and work in country in par with the foreigners who have work visa and remove travel restrictions for such category of OCI holders. These are persons of Indian origins, who have made India their home and have no other place to go to.