I Support Dr. Subramanian Swamy for Finance Minister

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 Why Dr.Subramanian Swamy for finance minister ?

1.   Incorruptible:  Nobody can blackmail him to get quid-pro-quo corrupt favors.  He has impeccables anti-corruption credentials and has put many crooks in jail.

2.   Expert Economist:  Trained as a Harvard economist he is an experienced hand in economic policy matters. He can best deal with headwinds like oil price rise and US interest rate rise that are buffeting the Indian Rupee and economy.

3.   Accurate predictor of outcomes: He made many accurate economic callouts ahead of time including reducing of stake of foreign entities in GSTN in favor of Indian government, e-auction of IPL, aadhar data vulnerability etc.

4.   Economic track record:  PV Narasimha Rao used his blueprint for opening up the Indian economy in 1990 that led to spike in GDP growth rate. 

5.   Fearless nationalist leader: His bold, fearless, politically incorrect and bare-knuckled style of leadership is a bonus. His elevation to the cabinet will embolden many timid BJP leaders to speak up and take a stand on issues.

6.   Pro middle class:  He is a great champion of the middle class that is reeling under heavy tax burdens imposed by the Finance Ministry.  He will abolish personal income taxes to help reinvigorate the middle class.

7.   Pro small business and pro farmer: He will be a great advocate for small business, industry and farmers that are the backbone of the Indian economy.

8.   Vigilant leader:  He will remove moles and UPA holdovers in the Finance Ministry who are sabotaging Modi’s development agenda and are protecting crooks who had a free-run under the UPA govt.  He will punish economic crooks.

9.   Supports investigating agencies & military:  He will adequately fund investigating agencies like CBI, ED etc and also adequately fund the military and therefore strengthen national security.

10.            India deserves better to achieve its full economic potential and Dr Swamy will be a perfect fit for the job of Finance Minister.  His economic policy will be driven by economic nationalism.

11.  PhD in Economics at Harvard under Nobel Laureate Simon Kuznets Authored paper with Paul A. Samuelson .He was Professor in IIT Delhi & Harvard

12.   Prepared a blueprint for Economic reforms in 1990, which was implemented by P V Narsimha Rao

13.    Defending  Indian nucear policy during his early Harvard years ,he obtained  signatures of a large numbers of very prominent Indians resident in the United States, and wrote to the Prime Minister to say that India should go in for nuclear weapons; that was one petition. And the second petition we sent was in '67, to urge the then-Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi not to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

14.   Member of the consultative committee of parliament, on atomic energy

15.  He was a hero during Emergency, former Jansanghi and one of the founding members of Janata Party

16.  He was elected as  Member of Parliament 5 times between 1974 and 1999 and was a member of the Planning Commission of India  and Cabinet Minister of Commerce and Law of India

17.   Between 1994 and 1996, he held the position of "Chairman of the Commission on Labour Standards and International Trade" (equivalent to the rank of a cabinet minister) under  the  PV Narsimharao  government

18.   Normalised relations with China and Israel. He was responsible for reopening of the Kailash Manasarovar Pilgrimage Route and  he’s first Indian political leader to make publicised trip to Israel that made Israel to open Embassy in India and vice-versa

19.   Exposed 2G scam that led to the cancelation of 122 licenses and prosecution of Raja, Kanimozhi and others

20.  Responsible for EVM VVPAT. He  fought for Ramasethu, Nataraja temple case

21.  Responsible for not letting Antonio Maino  to become PM in 2004

22.  Still Fighting  National Herald scam

23.   Exposed  Antonio Maino ,Raul Vinci and Bianca


The list goes on and on.

How to support subramanian swamy for finance minister ?

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We feel that only person who is fit to be Finance Minister in Shri Narendra Modi’s cabinet is Dr.Subramanian Swamy . We appeal to you for your help and support. We are petitioning the PM, and we request your endorsement. We feel your support, along with that of others, will represent an important consensus of opinion in the public domain  to make Dr. Swamy as Finance Minister and inturn we can make Our Bharath as Economic Super Power

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