I Demand the Government of India to Make a #CommonIndianMarriageAct to Stop Honor Killings

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There are So many inhuman incidents haunting society in the name of Love marriages, honor Killings, Cheatings, Betrayals, deceit, Murders, Criminalisation of Families, Criminalisation of Communities. There is no end to this tragedy. Parents grow up their kids with lot of hopes and trust on them. Children after the age of 16/18 are getting attracted for So many things like sexual desires, Lust, luxuries and Love. They are eloping from home. Getting married without parents consent. There starts the problems. Parents are getting insult and deceived, with an anger parents are committing crime to take revenge. It is becoming more and more in-human and brutal. It is creating communal tensions, Honor killings, Love Jihad Increasing, religious Conversions are taking place, Girls are committing suicides, deceptions and disputes are rising. To prevent this i want to request the Government of India to Bring a law Common Indian Marriage Act #CommonIndianMarriageAct for all communities. A written Consent from Parents and Children are must for Marriage in India. If Government make This Written Consent is must , then there will not be any issues. The Problem of Love Jihad will go