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Help for families of mentally ill

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The lawmakers have always been concentrating on the mentally ill, their rights as well as their treatment which is incredible. However little has been done for the families of the mentally ill who suffer more and go through endless humiliation from the patient as well as society. They themselves get into depression and sometimes mentally ill too. For low income and middle class people, getting the patient treated is also an issue, such people spend their all savings and sometimes their houses and household things for the treatment yet they suffer. 

My sister has been mentally ill since many years and has also undergone treatment in NIMHANS 3-4 times. We had kept her in their hospital each time for over a month. Though her condition has improved a lot however she still gets violent and aggressive many a times. She still has delusions. She also has stopped her medicines in August and went to Gaya on her own. lt has been 15-17 years that we have been suffering. My father went into depression and became an alcohol addict finally died in 2012. My mother who is 64 years of age works alone at home,, from washing her clothes, making food, listening to her abuses all the time to everything. She keeps abusing the family members all the time, she shouts on top of her voice always making my family’s situation awkward towards neighbor and society, She makes stories and writes them on facebook and twitter, recently she wrote to the PMO, IPS Assam etc. and 2 social workers came, heard the story and went away. She often dials 100 and calls police at home. Calls up relatives and friends and abuses them as well. My brother who is the youngest is the sole bread earner of the family is not getting married due to her. No family wants to give her daughter married in a house where the sister in law is such. My brother also has got into depression, can't sleep during the night and is getting addicted to alcohol. My old mother is suffering all her tantrums and her ill behavior alone and we do not see any road to end this misery. If something happened to my brother, my family will be finished. We want to put her in rehab but the good ones are very expensive. I have written to government and prime minister in the past but there is no response.

I am sure there are hundreds and thousands of families going through similar or even worse situations and there is no respite. Family members are forced to lead a miserable life since they cannot do much. Need help from government to rehabilitate and treat such people. We are ready to pay a reasonable amount for it. 

My humble request is for the Prime Minister and others to look into this matter and help families of such patients so that they don’t have to go through so much torture and they can live their lives peacefully. For one person there are many others suffering. We tried to get my sister treated for many years and now need some help and respite.

The government has not given any respite to family members in fact has made the life of the families even worse. Please join hands with me and ask for change.


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