Exploitation by Management Committee causing delay in Delhi Police Housing Society flats

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Dear Honourable Mr. Narendra Modi Ji, Prime Minister of India.

We, the members of Police Officers Multi-State Co-Operative Housing Society, are disturbed at the unfair treatment by our (defunct) Management Committee and their unethical practices.

The Society was registered with Central Registrar of Co-Operative Societies as Multi-State Co-Operative Society under section 7 of the Multi-State Co-Operative Societies Act, 2002 (39 of 2002) under the Registration No.MSCS/CR/168/2003 dated 31.12.2003.  

Present status

Seventeen years have been passed. Over 600 honest police officers have paid their hard-earned money in the hope of a flat. Not only we have failed to get a roof over our head but also end up losing money, in the form of EMIs on the home loan and paying for a rented accommodation.

The project is located at Sector-49, Faridabad, Haryana in the land of Village Dabua and Nawadakoh.  Necessary land for this project was acquired from Sri Sat Sahib Housing & Infrastructure Development Company. The present status of flats seems to be far from completion. The basic facilities such as lifts, water supply arrangement, solar plant, school, construction of building is all in doldrums.

We have tried to reach out to almost every authority, ran from pillar to post in a hope of getting our voice heard. However, it seems that the existing Management Committee has some nexus with the officials and due to the involvement of large amount of funds and their own personal interests, they are dilly dallying the completion of project and frequently increasing the cost of the project.

Illegal office bearers

The existing MC has been illegally holding the office since the last three years in spite of society members’ losing their confidence.

The present Board of Directors have lost the confidence of society members completely in the General Body Meeting held on 16.10.2016.  They have already completed their tenure of 5 years and have also disapproved by the members. Since the Balance sheet of the Society for the financial year 2015-16 was not approved by the members in the last GBM held on 16.10.2016, further demand of any installment from the members was illegal. However,

The present Board of Directors are doing such activities which are against the interest of the members. In our recent General Board Meeting, the society members have already selected an 11 member’s ad-hoc committee led by Dr. Aditya Arya, retired IPS officer. However, the erstwhile chairman has refused to leave the office and adopting dishonest means to delay the society elections.

The new selected committee members name are included for your reference:

·         Dr. Aditya Arya, IPS: 1981 (Retired) (Membership number: 5418)

·         Shri RP Mehta (Membership number 3012)

·         Shri Kuldeep Dabas (MNO: 3091)

·         Shri Ashok Raj (MNO: 388)

·         Shri Ramesh Kaushik (MNO: 3588)

·         Shri Dinesh Kumar Sharma

·         Shri Anil Kumar (MNO: 5933)

·         Shri Manohar Singh Kharb (MNO: 5367)

·         Shri Ajit Singh (MNo: 6088)

·         Shri MS Dahiya (Membership number: 3042)

This has already been brought to the notice of central registrar and defunct Chairman.

We are in deep despair, and sincerely request your intervention in this

We are confident you will order to examine the records of the society at the earliest and initiate action against the illegal Chairman and Board of Directors at the earliest. We look forward to active engagement and a line of acknowledgement from your office.

Thanks and Regards,

On behalf of all society members 

Jatinder Singh (MNO 6270)

RP Mehta (Membership number 3012)

Kuldeep Dabas (MNO: 3091)

Ashok Raj (MNO: 388)

Ramesh Kaushik (MNO: 3588)

Dinesh Kumar Sharma

Anil Kumar (MNO: 5933)

Manohar Singh Kharb (MNO: 5367)

 Ajit Singh (MNo: 6088)

MS Dahiya (Membership number: 3042)