Equality In Cut-off marks for various exams

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We the citizens of India are divided based on caste and are a part of one of the oldest civilization, we have gained equality in all aspects, thanks for it.But,except one...

There are many competitive exams like JEE,NEET,KVPY and many more and there are different cut-offs for various caste people. The Cut-off marks for clearing test's should be same for all the aspirants and shouldn't be based on the caste. 

For Example:- Considering the Cut-Off marks of JEE-2018, the cut-off marks of various categories are as follows:-

1. Common Ranker's List (General Merit)- 74

2. OBC- 49



We can have a look at the above trend of the JEE qualifying cut-off marks of the year 2018. There is no equality in the qualifying cut off marks.

It is to be noted that the marks scored by the students is no where influenced by the caste to which they belong, it is the talent which they possess.

Ladies & Gentleman, Please help us to proclaim our right of equality for the opportunity to get into the prestigious institutions to be treated as equal citizen. We don't want a conflict, we know the strength forces arrayed against us.But we are determined that justice will be done.The symbol of our status is embodied in this category that restricts us from getting opportunities that we deserve, that is not the case with other reserved categories, the 1st step towards changing all this is to eliminate this difference between us, We do not want to ignite the fear & hatred of anyone, but I ask you all the deserving candidates to help them to light up the sky and the mind of the Indian Government with our defiance of this injustice..... There should not be "CUT-OFF ON CASTE BASIS" INSTEAD FEE'S CONCESSION SHOULD BE given to those who are economically back ward.  

Many talented who are losing out their opportunities by these system are going to foreign countries to complete their education and don't wan't to come back to their mother country and work for it , because they are afraid whether they get any job here as reservation based on caste system is existing.Deserved are fleeing to other countries. So please do the necessary changes as per our request.

#Equality for all #Narendra Modi  #Prakash Javadekar # "No' to caste based reservation system.  #Opportunity for talented