Equal Law for Men : Severe Punishment for women filling false rape case.

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Now a days some girls are misusing the Law (section 376: Rape) as their tool to take revenge. Because of some loop holes in law innocent boys can easily put behind bars. I strongly support girls for the law under sec. 376 however misusing the same if a particular relationship does not work is not right. Currently if a girl files a complaint against a boy under sec. 376 he needs to be arrested immediately and kept under police custody untill the police completes the investigation later the boy is sent to Jail custody for a period minimum of 90 days (3 months) reason being that boy can tamper with evidences if let out, which to an extent is right. But the question is can a girl not tamper with the evidences? In most of the cases a bail is granted only after the charge sheet is filed (which is a maximum of 3 months). At times even after charge sheet is filed bail is not granted keeping the boy in Jail custody even when he is not convicted for the charges. And when the case is dismissed and the boy is let out without any charges (acquitted) however there is no action against girl for filing a rape case. During the whole process even the boy goes thru many losses like mental, physical, financial, reputational etc. just for the sake of fake case filled against him. This is just an initiative to safeguard / protect the right of boy as well keeping in mind it is equal for girl under section 376. I have seen (and am sure you must have also seen) many of our friends trapped in false rape case against them. The only request from thru this PIL is that when two people are in a relationship and if both get into physical relationship with "consent" (will) of both the parties involved , it should not be treated as RAPE (obviously if it is against the will of any person, it should be termed as RAPE).

Conclusion: 1) Mutual relationship should not be termed as "RAPE" if couple gets physical with mutual consent.

2) Likewise a girl should be equally punished if found guilty for filling a false case against a person.

I request everyone to support this including girls because we need to remember that this can happen with your father, brother, friend etc. Just to convey I am not against any of the girl/s but we just need to stop the misuse of law, as there are still lakhs of fake cases still going on.