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Elect Azim Premji, the Most Generous Indian Alive, as 14th President of India

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Mr. Azim Premji is not only an inspiration for his entrepreneurial achievements but also an exemplary example of generosity.  He is the first Indian to sign up for “The Giving Pledge”, a pledge that involves giving away half of the wealth. Since taking the pledge, Mr. Azim Premji has given away 27,514 crores in Charity, making him the Most Generous Indian Alive. Premji’s has given more charitable donations than the combined charity done by remaining Top 9 Charitable people in India.

Azim Premji is currently the third richest man in the India. Azim Premji didn’t accumulate wealth due to political connections. He build his empire through sheer hard work and persistent effort. At a young age of 21, after his father’s death, he took over his father’s vegetable oil business. He transformed the then known “Western Indian Vegetable Products” into an India-wide known name i.e. WIPRO. He started off with Soap business, then ventured into consumer electronics and eventually into Information Technology. Today, WIPRO is ranked among the Top 100 Technology companies world-wide.

What differentiates Azim Premji from other Indian Entrepreneurs, is his ability to give away wealth for the development of the nation. Azim Premji has given away 40% of his stake in Wipro for charitable causes. Imagine the other big family owned businesses in India do something of this nature? 

What kind of person India needs as President?
The Young Modern India needs a President who can command respect. A President who can inspire the youth to take up entrepreneurship. A President who can tell the youth that, wealth is not built through corruption, black money or political influences, but through self-determination, hard work and persistence. A President who has the capacity to unite people and inspire them toward progress. A President who is willing to give away his wealth for the sake of the Nation.

Azim Premji’s Four Principles in Making the Better World
In a letter to all the employees at Wipro, Azim Premji mentioned four principles for making the better world.

1.         Finding Common ground: We must find common ground, rather than focusing on conflicts. The reality of the world is that there will always be disagreement and differences between people, but finding common ground is the only way of moving forward. This is as true in business as in politics and social issues, and as true in personal as in public life.

2.        Concern for others: We must have genuine concern for others. We must respect all human beings equally and we must have the same respect for nature. This respect must manifest in action. If we have concern, then finding common ground becomes possible.

3.         Connectedness: We must recognise that societies, economies, and the environment are all deeply connected. Individual human beings and peoples find meaning in this connectedness, not in separation and isolation. Our problems and solutions are deeply connected. So every effort of ours to find solutions and to find meaning, must strengthen this connectedness.  

4.        Commitment to Values: The bedrock of everything must be an unflinching commitment to Values, at the core of which is Integrity. Integrity is certainly about honesty and honouring commitments, but it is more than that. It is about having the courage to persevere for what is right and what is good.

We strongly believe, Azim Premji would be an ideal candidate for 14th President of India. We request all political parties in India to come forward for supporting the nomination of Azim Premji. 

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