Due to CBSE's negligence, 27 Lakh students have to Suffer. Well done CBSE! Sign now!

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The paper got leaked on Tuesday, CBSE had got the news. Instead of cancelling the exam , the exam is being reconducted due to only a handful people. 

27 Lakh students need to suffer just because of the paper got leaked in Delhi? 

Already 10th students were not provided proper holidays before the session 2018-19 and now we won't even be able to figure out days between 10th and 11th. Many children have trips planned and many have already left, They won't come back because of CBSE's carelessness. CBSE won't return the loss right? 

We need a break after boards and sequence of examinations before it. Negligence of CBSE is not our fault. 

We have a important session ahead, Just because of a handful of people whole India shouldn't suffer. 

Sign the petition and let CBSE know.