Death penalty for child rapists in India

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Long have we slept, as a nation, as a people and let our rulers walk over us. They have raped us, robbed us, assaulted us, brutalized us. But now, they do this to OUR CHILDREN. Our police does it. Our ministers do it, fearlessly. Can this be pardoned? Our children are kidnapped and raped and brutally murdered. Will you be silent?

Do it not for their parents, do it for OUR children. Do it for the babies. Do it for the childhoods that are wrenched away. Do it for the scars that are left behind. Do it for the tears cried in silence. Do it for the hounding nightmares. Do it for the broken trust. Do it for the shattered dreams.

If you don’t stand with #Asifa; don’t ever complain about the world. Don’t ever say that India has corrupt politicians and outdated laws. You had a chance; but you chose to sit on your couch and pretend to be busy. #ChangeBeginsWithMe #JusticeForAsifa #RiseIndia #OutragedIndia

Rally at 7pm Saturday. Azad Maidan. Wear White.