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Dear PM, please Meet Canadian PM for cause of Indian culture of Acceptance & hospitality

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Respected Dignitaries,

Canada has been a second home to a lot of people of Indian Origin, people who had made their way out in search of better lives, for a better future, for employment & many other reasons.

We've always been propagating this, " Vasudaivam Kutumbakam ", it means World is a family.

Our people, our culture are known for the kind of heritage we have, we always welcome guests to our house even though knowing that it becomes cumbersome for some of our family members, we've always been a welcoming country for all of our friends foes and even enemies, if we can invite enemies into our house, can't we welcome an person who's been a liberal his whole life, can't we just sit and talk to our guest just like a father talks to his young teenage son/ daughter, about any of the thoughts which are worrying him.

You've guessed me correctly, here I am talking about the sudden snubbing of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau by the Indian Central Government.

I would like to say is Many people in India are in dire need of jobs to feed their families and to support their families, I would like to bring the Indian Prime Minister's attention about the community outreach program of the Canadian authorities which does programs to embark their nation's individuals into getting them skills.

I would like to bring into knowledge that if we put our problems aside and welcome our guests with a professional welcome and then explain our grave concerns about the support which Anti India Supporters are getting then the Canadian PM will understand our situation better.

I don't want our country's relationship with countries with sizeable Population of Indian Origin Population to go into vain.

We've got a billion to feed and without jobs, how can you explain a single mother who's asking you a job for supporting her family? A person who's got his parents to support? A graduate who's not getting a job? To A newborn baby who's parents don't have a job ?

Canada is a growing country who needs service of helper, paramedics, teachers, household helps & many more, we can at least try and make sure that a bit of the billion people we have gets a cherry of that employment opportunity.

I know the government is doing it's best but we can't let any opportunity go away like this where we can let our past aside and create some cordial relationships which may be beneficial to our current and future generations to come.

We can't just go silent about an grave concern which our country faces and if not rectified, can turn into a violent threat to Millions of people.

Please Sir, we always say forgiveness is a virtue of the Strong, can't we just keep aside our enmities aside and welcome our guests from Canada.

Thanking you

A citizen of India.

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