Dear PM Modi, please do not disinvest LIC, Protect poor insurance consumers' rights

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I've started this petition because my financial security is at risk and so is it for lakhs of other insurance consumers in India. This is in light of the government's plans for the disinvestment of LIC - Life Insurance Corporation of India.

I am resident of Madhubani in Bihar and an LIC policy holder. Almost everyone I know is an LIC policy holder. The only reason all of us are LIC holders is because we have trust in LIC because the benefits are guaranteed by the government as per certain sections of the Insurance Act. There is no such guarantee with other insurance companies. Once LIC is privatised, people will lose trust in LIC. They will think it just another insurance company.

Sign my petition asking the government to stop disinvestment of LIC to protect poor insurance consumers' rights and in the larger interest of the nation.

Please sign and share this with everyone you know so that lakhs of people affected will sign and our voices will reach the government. #SaveLIC

(Image: The News Minute)